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Policy Development

Our school, through close co-operation between the Board of Management, staff, and parents, has drawn up many policies and procedures which support the principal and staff in their management of the school and in all situations throughout the working day.  These also serve to give parents and all entering the school or working with our pupils, an understanding of the guiding principles which underpin our school ethos and philosophy and the care we take of our pupils.



Our school policies help define and establish rules, regulations, procedures, and protocols for our schools. All of these are necessary to help a school run smoothly and safely and helps create a productive learning environment that ensures that all our pupils receive a quality education.  All staffs are aware of and have access to copies of school policies and procedures covering the curricular and administrative areas.

In all there are over 30 policies and procedures which have been drawn up and ratified by the Board of Management including Administration of Medication, Anti Bullying, Anti-racism, Assessment and Reporting, Attendance, Child Protection, Class Size, Code of Behaviour, Communication, Critical Incidents, Custody & Separation, Enrolment, Equal Opportunities, Exceptional Ability & Giftedness,  Handwriting,  Health and Safety, Home/School Liaison, Homework, Inclusion, Internet, Learning Support , Mobile Phone Use, Parent-Teacher Meetings, RSE, School Attendance, School Meetings, Special Education Needs, Substance Use, Supervision etc etc.  The most important school policies from the parents perspective are:



Copies of school policies are available to read from the school office or parents may email the school and request a copy of the relevant policy.  




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