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Child Safeguarding

Child protection is uppermost in the minds of all our school community. No effort will be spared to ensure the happiness and safety of all our children.  The Staff, Parents and Board of Management of St. Oliver Plunkett School have developed and agreed to this policy in line with the current recommendations and guidelines relating to child protection guidelines and child abuse prevention.

This policy addresses the responsibilities of the school in the following areas:

  • PREVENTION – curricular provision

  • PROCEDURES – procedures for dealing with concerns/disclosures

  • PRACTICE – best practice in child protection

A copy of the policy document is available by clicking this link- Child Safeguarding Statement.

A copy of the Risk Assessment Policy is available by clicking this link- Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment.

All staff members are fully familiar with ‘Children First’ and the DES child protection guidelines and procedures.  You may access "Children First" here.


Notification regarding the Board of Management’s review of the Child Safeguarding Statement, 21st November 2022. Access here.


This policy aims to:

  • Create a safe, trusting, responsive and caring environment.

  • Provide personal safety skills education which specifically addresses abuse prevention for all children in the school.

  • Develop awareness and responsibility in the area of child protection amongst the whole school community.

  • Put in place procedures for good practice to protect all children and staff.

  • Ensure that all staff members are aware of and familiar with the ‘Children First’ and the DES guidelines and procedures in relation to reporting concerns and/or disclosures of child abuse.

Declaration of Intent
Declaration of Intent

Our School is committed to the protection of all our pupils and recognises that child protection and welfare considerations permeate all aspects of school life and must be reflected in all of the school’s policies, practices and activities. To achieve this the school will fully co-operate with the relevant statutory authorities in relation to child protection and welfare matters.  It will adopt safe practices in all its dealings with children and adults, in an open and transparent manner, and, while respecting confidentiality, it will encourage parents to be involved with the education of their children where possible. This Declaration hangs in the school foyer so that all who enter our school know that we are fully committed to the protection of the children in our care.

The Designated Liaison Person (DLP) is: Valerie Keogh (Principal) 


Deputy Designated Liaison Person (DDLP) is : Anne Quinn (Deputy Principal)

Child Protection Policy
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