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Our School Ethos, Vision, Aims
School Ethos:

St. Oliver Plunkett School is a Christian and Catholic school. In keeping with this ethos, we strive to create an atmosphere of love and respect for others with security and trust. We are under the patronage of the CPSMA, the Catholic Primary School Management Association. To this end, the child is helped to develop moral qualities e.g. patience, perseverance, self-discipline, fair play and consideration for others.  We endeavour to celebrate the uniqueness of the individual, nurturing all dimensions of life - spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical.

Our Vision:

"In our school, we value the uniqueness and importance of every human being.  We recognise the rights of our children to equal access to all opportunities in our own school, our community and in society as a whole.  We strive to have all our children realise their full potential in a happy caring environment.  We endeavour to develop a sense of responsibility and adaptability for a changing world.  We work towards cultivating a positive self-worth and respect for the importance of each individual and each community. We promote a cooperative spirit and good, independent work habits."

Our Mission Statement:

"Helping all in our school community reach their full potential in a happy caring environment."

Our Motto:

"Bród asainn féin is as gach a ndéanaimid."
"Pride in ourselves and all we do"

Our Aims:

"The school  will seek to promote the intellectual, physical, social, personal, spiritual, moral and aesthetic development of all its pupils."

The aims of primary education can be expressed by three general aims:
  • To enable the child to live a full life as a child and to realise his or her potential as a unique individual 

  • To enable the child to develop as a social being through living and cooperating with others and so contribute to the good of society; 

  • To prepare the child for further education and lifelong learning.

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