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School Enrolment Information

St. Oliver Plunkett is a large vertical co-ed school, serving the parish of St Sylvester. Our Enrolment Policy is drawn up with our Vision Statement as central to our school mission: "In our school, we value the uniqueness and importance of every human being.  We believe, where practical, all children should be included in mainstream and we recognise the rights of our children to equal access to all opportunities in our own school, our community and in society as a whole.  We will strive to have all our children reach their full potential in a happy caring environment.  We will endeavour to develop a sense of responsibility and adaptability for a changing world.  We will work towards cultivating a positive self-worth and respect for the importance of each individual and each community. We will promote a cooperative spirit and good, independent work habits."

For full information please read this year's Admission Noticand Policy.

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