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Sixth Class Motto & Logo

Sixth Class is a very important year in the life of a pupil and our sixth class group is central to much of what happens in our school. From the beginning of sixth class, there is a great emphasis on their special place and how they are looked up to by all the other pupils. During their sixth class, they will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, they act as Peer Mediators and are the leaders in the Student Council. They are much sought after as Buddies for the Junior Classes. They must live and lead by example because the eyes of the school are on them. They will work hard for the year as they prepare for entry to Secondary School and at the end of the year they will Graduate and carry the Ollie torch forward as they enter the next phase of their lives.

In line with their unique position in the school, each sixth class group are given the opportunity to adopt a motto which will become a guide for them during their special year. All the sixth class pupils are given an opportunity to be involved in the process. The children are asked to suggest a motto - this can be original or borrowed from another source. It should be in keeping with our school and all our school stands for. Given the significance of sixth class in the faith formation of the children, it should have a religious and secular significance. The various suggestions received are voted on by the pupils and they are then offered the opportunity to design a badge incorporating the slogan.


Once designed the badge is cast and presented to each pupil at a special ceremony and they are asked to live by the motto during the year. The motto is also turned into a wall hanging which is proudly displayed in the school foyer and at all special school events during the year.

Often, it is not the work of one pupil that makes it to the end.  Below, the motto and artwork of three pupils, Aoife Reid, Ellen Lucas and Shauna O'Neill, were combined to create the finished badge.

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